Friday, October 2, 2015

My boys and a typewriter

Hello all - it's been an awful long time. I keep up with typewriter news on the fb group and i get daily emails on the posts in the yahoo groups. However, i rarely post.
Hope all is well out there.
Last night my boys played around with a Royal. Figuring out how it works and practicing all the functions. Seemed genuinely interested.
Sorry for the blurry cell phone pics:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Liquid Lunch

Got a new blue selectric ii yesterday. $7 from shopgoodwill but of course there's something wrong with it. I brought in my original selectric ii to see which one was less f'd up so I could diagnose and then watch a bunch of youtube videos to fix it.
I think ill be keeping the beige selectric and harvest from the blue one.
I also decided to drink some Hitachino for lunch

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Herd - My Typewriter Collection

This is the first time i've ever photo cataloged my collection. I'll add them to My Collections page on this blog in a few days - i may improve on the pics as i've realized some are blurry or just plain crap. These photos are cell phone pics taken a couple months ago for solely the purpose of quick reference to what is in the Herd. I aim to look at the pics every so often to decide what stays and what goes, what leaves and what belongs. I anticipate that i'll start the actual culling in the next couple months. 

Adler Tippa S, script

Blickensderfer 5

Consul 231, script

Consul 232

Corona Silent

Corona Sterling

Everest Mod S

Facit 1620, script

Groma Kolibri

Groma Kolibri

Groma Kolibri

Hermes 3000, elite

Hermes 3000, techno

Hermes Rocket

IBM Selectric II

Oliver Portable

Oliver Portable

Olivetti Ico

Olivetti Lettera 22 / Sears Courier

Olivetti Lettera 22

Olivetti Lettera 32

Olivetti Lettera 33, script

Olivetti Lexikon 80

Olivetti Studio 42

Olympia sm3, congress

Olympia sm3, italic

Olympia sm3, script

Olympia sm4

Olympia sm9, senatorial

Olympia Traveller C

Remington 5

Remington Model Seventeen

Remington Streamliner

Rheinmetall KST

Royal Ensign

Royal Model P

Royal Quiet De Luxe

Smith-Corona Skyriter

Swissa Piccola

Triumph Norm, cyrillic

Triumph Norm, english

Triumph Perfekt, script

Underwood Champion

Underwood Portable

Underwood Portable

Underwood Universal

Voss DeLuxe

Voss DeLuxe

Voss DeLuxe, script

Voss DeLuxe
Not pictured: Smith-Corona Silent Super and probably a couple other ones.