My favorite blog posts from elsewhere

Collected here will be typosphere blog entries that i have deemed my favorite, either for their interesting content/subject matter or unique style or wry humor (which i am a fan of) or simply splendid typewriter used or the entry's insightful comments, etc.

Dogma 12: lo-tech manifesto from i dream lo-tech - Ton breaks it down!

My Collecting Rules from machinengeschrieben - While Florian's post is short and sweet, comment activity expounds on these limits and restrictions we attempt to act by.

Olivetti ICO "Portatile" with Lytro Camera from Typewriting in Zürich - beautiful protography and profile of one of the iconic typewriters out there. Also wholeheartedly convinced me that i need to have one of my own (and now i do!).

Voss Portable-Office Typewriter from oz.Typewriter, Voss Typewriters from and The Batmobile of typewriters from Writing Ball - Yes, while Olympias will always have a hold on my heart (Thanks Phil Collins!), Voss may be my favorite brand typewriter because of the eye-catching styling and optimal performance!

Foundation and Empire from Typewriter Heaven and The Imperial Army is advancing! from Swinging Typebars - Rob and Ken show off her majesty's typewriter - i might just have to get one!

Olivetti Graphika from Writing Ball - Richard is the chancellor of the typosphere and rightly so - this is an amazing machine that at first only a mother could love but it has grown on me and probably everyone else and we all hunt for it nonstop.

Antiquing with King Richard from A Typewriter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - yes, one of my own only because i consider this my real baptism into the world of typewriter antiquing.

Hello, My Name Is Bob And I’m An Alcoholic/Addict. from Conversations With My Id - most of the time the typosphere is to show each other our machines and share what we know and think and every now and then write some about our lives and that's completely fine. This blog entry goes farther than that. This is my favorite post of all time here. Powerful stuff from an excellent typospherian!

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