Monday, June 25, 2012

First Time Away

This weekend marked the very first time we spent away from our little one. Our good friend Nathalie gifted us a stay at the Loews Coronado Resort in San Diego.
Coronado Island is a tourist attraction because of its beach lifestyle. The famous and haunted Hotel Del Coronado is one of its inhabitants. Its human residents are divided into hipsters, surfers, 3rd or 4th generation Coronadoans, and retirees. The Loews Resort is in the more remote part of Coronado island away from much of the commercialism, and as such I surmise is so designed in order to truly get away from it all.
We were to use it and relax and hit the spa, get away and catch up on some rest and sleep. Despite this, we still deliberated taking our little 6month old with us. We imagined it'd be fun and all the new sights and sounds he'd see. However, we also were clairvoyant enough to realize that hotel life is far from ideal for a baby.
With much consternation, we decided against taking him along with us. It wasnt so much that we were worried for his care and well being - my parents' love my son goes past the heavens - it was our impending separation anxiety that nearly justified our taking him with us.
In the end, the utilitarian or even, categorical imperative (and a rare sense of rationality) won out.
Our thoughts never quite strayed too far away from him, even though we tried earnestly to pretend to be having fun, deep in sublime conversation, as if we were our old pre-baby selves.
While we leisurely drove up and down the 5 freeway, one such way we fought our dread was to hunt for typewriters. I called basically every Goodwill along the coast and 15 miles inland for that 100+ mile expanse to inquire on their typewriters... Nearly all empty. If one was in stock, it was an electric typewriter. What's worst, a common story was that they hadn't seen a typer in months! Where were they disappearing to? Could it be that people stopped donating these machines to instead attempt to turn a profit via Craigslist or eBay? Or even, perhaps people are deciding to keep these machines for themselves! If that is the case, maybe it's time to hoard!

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