Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Banner Day

It's a banner day. I mean, I have a lot of good days, and even mostly great because I've been able to spend them with my little one. Today though is different. Something is changing soon and forward is the direction we will be going.
I am quite pleased with these new developments, for now at least. I am aware that it could certainly be better and that I am capable of much more. Despite this, I am allowing myself some satisfaction. Breathe easy and deep Michael. You did good today. Let your shoulders down, relax your back, take some moments to be at peace. For yourself. And then for him and her and what else is coming soon.
Ever briefly take it in. For once. Let's not be too hasty in forgoing celebration. This is just cause. It's a legitimate victory. Organize a small parade.
I am happy to contribute. To once again fulfill a major responsibility that ought to be mine. Too long has it been carried by others.
The reality of the work though isn't exactly exciting. It doesn't matter though. I can bear a cross and I can beat a bear, at least for however long we need.
Now to celebrate! Let's find a typewriter to buy!

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