Monday, July 16, 2012

Can't Sleep

It is the eve of my new job. I start tomorrow.

I've never been able to sleep the night before a big day: the start of a new grade at school, SATs, Prom, college, my wedding.

Tonight is no different.

So I went on a typewriter adventure!

It's past 1am and a little too late to tell the tale, but I promise I will soon.

A sort of hint: "The Beast Within"

It was cool and a lot of fun. I just got home from it a little bit ago.

For now though, good night Typosphere!


  1. Beast within? Ohhhhhhhhhh.............

  2. Beast? Olympia SG1??

    Hope your new job works out really well.

  3. But I want to know now! Get on it!
    The Beast Within? Only thing I can think of is the album of the same name, produced by 'Xerox and Illumination'. This is nearly a connection, although I am not sure if Xerox made a typewriter. If so, it would have had to have been electronic...wouldn't it have?