Thursday, July 12, 2012

Typewriter Insurgency?

Meant to post this yesterday:

SJ suspicious suitcase contained only a typewriter
Saturday, July 07, 2012
TAGS:suspicious package, evacuation, san jose, willow glen, south bay news

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A suspicious suitcase that shut down the 1100 block of Lincoln Avenue in San Jose this afternoon contained only a typewriter and does not pose a threat, according to police.

The suitcase has been collected by police, and the businesses and roadways in the area have been reopened, according to Officer Jose Garcia.

Police said that at about 12:48 p.m. they received reports that there was an unattended dark-colored Samsonite brand suitcase near a bench in the plaza of a shopping center at 1165 Lincoln Ave.

Neighboring businesses, including an outdoor farmers market, were evacuated for the investigation and the bomb squad was called in.

Garcia said the owner of the suitcase remains unknown, and police do not suspect any criminal activity or intent in the incident.

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Was it Florian or another typospherian this time?


  1. Stenotype machines often come in Samsonite-brand cases. I wonder if that's what it was. That kind of overreaction would occur near a courthouse too, where a stenotype would be in use.
    Thanks for sharing the story though. interesting!

    1. There was a short blurb that sensationalized the story and made me worry about the typosphere - it seemed to hint that some typewriter fanatic made a bomb out of his machine - i was thinking, crap its a ted kaczynski again and the general public will fear those who have typewriters. oh well.

      I was wondering what kind of typewriter might be in a samsonite case.

      i will see if i can find any article that can confirm if it was a stenotype.

  2. Oh no! The typewriter of doom has been spotted. Be ye warned, those who scoff at the insurgency.

  3. It's amazing how paranoid we all are, isn't it. "Look, a suitcase! EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!"
    I admit that this is not the most pleasant world we are living in, and, unfortunately, people DO pose a threat to other people. This is why I seldom (except for work) travel into any major city. Too many people, too little space...something is bound to break.

    1. i hear you - i get the heebeegeebees in really crowded areas. with age, ive also developed a real claustrophobia too.

  4. Wasn't me. I prefer to keep my typewriters.