Saturday, September 15, 2012

Santa Monica Antiquing

Last weekend we checked out a baby boutique that is so far the only retail store that sells Jessica Alba's brand.

After we checked out an antique mall. Here's some pics that chronicle this adventure:

First, the requisite disheveled manniquin with missing limbs/extremities to get you in the right frame of mind of antiquing
at least there's spiderman to save you
i dont know what kind of SM this is but it was decent
wrote in all CAPS too and only $95.00! ...yeah not exactly a deal.
olivetti 21... first ive seen in person... a lot bigger than i thought
price is bigger than i thought too
not a bad looking machine.
crap price though
pretty nice huh? no case. lots of paint scrapes and scratches and
the feet were petrified. Platen also rock hard.
price needs some scraping off some dollars to make it
less offensive
not typer
no case but decent looking 
this had its case
pretty clean
ive never truly wanted an Oliver but i liked this one
$650.00 - most expensive one in the store.
again, no case but $225.00 - ridiculous
another oliver - no case though
a lot less expensive however still obscene
another olympia

prob my fav machine of the day - no price and i didnt inquire bc i got the flavor of the prices in this place.
Their restroom was gaudy as F - and they sold mirrors in there.
In the End, no typers bought.
Some people refer to this as typers in the wild but they are more in captivity than ever. It's more a zoo or pet store setting when typewriters are in antique stores. They are caged in and cant get out.
Depressing so i leave you with more Jessica Alba


  1. That looks like a fun antique mall, but dang, the PRICES! These vendors are delusional. The Oliver 3 looks pretty tasty. Hopefully, none of the keys will go missing in the years it will sit until the vendor has a booth closing sale.

    1. it was actually a really nice antique mall... well kept and highly fashionable people in there.

      That Oliver sure was neat. someone must have loved it once upon a time.

  2. Ugh, those prices are awful, but thanks for the vicarious browsing.

    Both the Olympias are SM9's.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the Olympias... one of these days i really must get my education caught up on all Olympias. Or maybe i ought to just buy some SM7 and SM9 to get a first hand look ha!

  3. Ah, the infamous Antique Tax is evidently healthy in Santa Monica. A local town is known for its many antique shops, but I expect prices there are just as stratospheric. If it's rusty and worn, expect to pay double for the "character."

    1. This attitude was certainly was in full swing there.

      I forgot to mention that this antique mall actually had valet!

      damn i forgot to take a picture

  4. Replies
    1. the furniture prices were even worse... nearly all in the thousands!

  5. ...Those prices make me want to poke my eye out with a dull pencil. Do the vendors really expect them to sell at those prices? It would have to be a buyer with more money than sense...but then again, it is Santa Monica.

    Those poor machines. They'll continue to sit there, languishing and collecting dust. Makes me sad. They are captive, indeed.

    1. let me know when you want to break in and spring them loose!

  6. You didn't jump on any of those machines? HA!
    It's amazing what dealers think people will pay for something like a Remington Personal-Riter or...really, any of those machines. The mill SM9 is pretty neat, but I would have passed it up as well for $95.
    Flea markets, man. You can find some amazing deals there. Hell, I found this machine at a flea market yesterday...and the price? My god... Will be posting something about it soon.

    1. you have a gift for finding awesome typers at good prices

      ill have to try a flea market sometime

      California typewriters may be expensive just like the land i fear

  7. I would be curious to know if any of those wildly overpriced typewriters sell!

    I'm sorry to say that I would have been totally offended had I been the one browsing in that antique store.

    1. While i was there i observed they did brisk business - there were quite a few salespeople and in the parking lot, more workers helping load purchases onto customers' cars.

      i suppose its a lot like beverly hills or something - some of us can only window shop while the locals and tourists feed the beast

  8. The Olivetti 21s are pretty big as I believe they are slightly remodeled Studio 44s... which are hefty beasts too.

    Those prices are optimistic at best - but I imagine they will get a few sales anyway (not from those of us who already have several, of course) and that just encourages them. Oh, well.

    1. it will never cease.
      i wonder how much they would have charged for a gold plated Royal

  9. I'm not an expert, I mean, I'm REALLY not an expert, but aren't those prices a bit high? And yes, that restroom is gaudy, and not in a good way. I bet you had fun all the same. Great pics!

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  11. A real shocker with those prices. If you divided by two you might be closer to the true value. The good thing about this that we do not have to buy into it..
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