Thursday, July 17, 2014

Riverside Antiquing and Type-in with Anna S.

I've been meaning to go typewriter hunting at the antique shops in Riverside, CA again. I haven't been since I last met up Anna S. of A Machine for the End of the World back in 2012 and for some reason or other, i don't ever thing i posted about that.

We finally met up again this past Tuesday. We went antiquing at several shops and pretty much saw at least one typewriter at every stop. Here's what we saw:

Remington Portable for $35. After Anna got the typebars to lift, it actually typed, no top half of the case though.

cleaned up by a typewriter guy, said the shop owner. $125. Not a bad deal since it was in pretty good shape.

Good luck selling this for $70 saying it needs its "return repaired"... it might happen but it might take a while also

$279 - it wont find a home other than the antique shop

30% off of $139 on this Vision 2000 typewriter


blurry pic of late 50s or early 60s Underwood... cant remember the price.

Rusted Underwood 5

Underwood 11 for $110

Another Underwood 11, no price 

I think this was $85

Skyriter for $39

Royal Saturn... cant remember the price

Art that freaked me the F out. Artist apparently was a female and this might be her male muse. Disturbing.

Royal Safari $59

This was a Remington Noiseless but my other pic was too blurry. Anna said that this one was truly noiseless

Birdcage mansion... they wanted $750

Sears Correct-O-Sphere?? Why the "Sphere"? See below

Anna pointed out the golf ball shaped typing element
After our antiquing we got some lunch and then typed-in at the attached restaurant:

I ended up bringing the Orange Underwood Portable I acquired Monday and she brought her Royal QDL. I also brought my SM9 which stayed in the car and my L33 which we didn't get to.

I'm sure Anna will write about anything i forgot and even have pics I don't have.


  1. Lots of sightings yet again. Nice to see the Remington Portable, I miss the one I used to have.

    1. yeah i've been like binge antiquing the last month. I still want to go typewriter hunting in pasadena soon. I think the prices there wont be as friendly though. Still, I need to satiate my curiosity. Who knows what machines are there!
      And the Remington... maybe one day you will allow yourself another non-Olivetti machine.

  2. The Sears "Correct-O-Sphere" is a rebadged Brother "Correct-O-Ball", an interesting machine I'll need to pick up one day just to see how it works. And no, the type elements aren't interchangable with Selectrics.

    1. yeah i thought it was a sort of typewriter-selectric-atari hybrid

  3. That's quite the assortment. That Remington portable would have tempted me if I didn't already have one. I don't see an orange underwood in the pictures. Looks like it types well though.

    1. yeah i should have put a pic of the Underwood i used to type but neglected to take any pics of our Type-In... if/when Anna S. gets a blog post up, she has some pics. Oh and check my last blog post, there are pics of it there.

  4. Vision 2000? That's a new one for me. Some Japanese or Chinese thing, evidently.

    1. I dont know the machine either. I would have checked the country of make but the machine was trapped in glass.

  5. The Skyriter's on my shopping list!

    1. Good luck on finding the perfect Skyriter! Maybe one day i'll get one too

  6. The prices are Modern Art...