Friday, August 1, 2014

Smith-Corona Omega Watch?

Since discovering Teeritz's blog back in late 2011, getting a nice watch began creeping into my consciousness. Before this, i didn't care for watches. Zero interest. No doubt there were some that were eye-catching, especially working in affluent Newport Beach, CA during my college days. And I've read and been told enough times that a watch is an important part of a man's ensemble, more so than the shoes on his feet and quality suit he always has on. I don't subscribe to any of it but if that's the game then so be it.

When my parents gifted me a Tissot last year, an obligatory swiss watch since they toured Switzerland for a week or so during a month-long European vacation, i budged a bit from my i-hate-wearing-jewelry stance. I don't even wear my wedding band since i can't stand anything on me that isn't flesh. Clothes are a necessary evil, i suppose.

Yes, i enjoyed wearing the watch but it's new and technologically advanced and so on and doesn't quite express my own idea of me. So slowly, i immersed myself in the shallow waters that are timepieces. A pocket watch was my first thought and i was submersed into that world. The more research you do, the more you fall in love with it. However, logic and common sense won and i realized that i didn't want another thing in my pockets with the phone and the wallet and the keys and whatever else finds its way inside and rubs and bangs around throughout the day. i hate stuff in my pockets but i deal with it since the fanny pack went out of style and i'm not quite there with a murse. Yeah, not far gone enough.

Anyways, i then moved the focus and energy towards a wristwatch and reading Teeritz religiously through the years as well as watch forums (more occasionally rather than full-on addiction), that interest formed. My knowledge is still very much on a rookie level so i knew i had to remain mainstream. I figured out i wanted something on the older side of the spectrum and recently purchased an 1959 Omega Seamaster which i am very happy with.

There is still steam in the machine though and i continue to look for watches. I found this and i'd like to share:

Sweet ass watch, i know. But here's the kicker:
The inscription reads:

“To David Houck, For 25 Years of Loyal Service , SCM Corporation 1978.”

I thought immediately: "SCM? As in Smith Corona?"
In the early 60s, Smith Corona had been acquiring companies at a rapid pace and I believe they changed their name to SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant) because they had become a large holding corporation. Their website doesn't explicitly state this but that is my theory.

Of course, i couldn't be sure this SCM on the watch case is the same SCM of typewriter fame. SCM is pretty common. I tried to research this David Houck and cross reference as much as i could think of to no avail. I even checked obituaries but that was a dead end too (couldn't resist). Everything i could think of to link Houck to typewriters, i just couldn't make a connection much less a definitive one. Company archives only show that they gave a coin or a pin to commemorate such accomplishments. Maybe I should call SCM and ask if they gifted Omega watches back in the 70s for milestone work anniversaries or retirements. Perhaps I can find a retired SCM worker and contact them directly to ask if that was practiced. The seller is in Washington State, SCM is in New York and then Ohio, perhaps this Houck was a salesman and his territory was the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps WA is where he retired to, maybe one of his sons inherited the watch and they lived or moved or lost it in WA. I found the Smith-Corona Club in Groton, NY - someone there has to know! My imagination went into high gear, much more ridiculous scenarios than i'll share here, but basically i so wanted this SCM to be our beloved Smith Corona.

Still, i convinced myself that i had to have this watch as well but that thought dissipated once the bidding price went above my threshold. Yes, this is a current eBay auction and maybe those with deeper pockets can go after it:

Mens Vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville Original 14K GF Automatic 2X DATE Watch

4x Sign, Quick Change Date, Extra NICE & Fully Serviced

3 days left. Someone buy it!

update on research: just found another facebook group where someone posted their dad got a watch, but unfortunately doesn't say the brand:

i put in an inquiry


  1. Oh my! And that is incredible condition.

  2. Nice condition, definitely, but I'm not a fan of Omega movements from the '70s. Still, it looks like it was rarely worn, and its overall design looks like something from five or ten years earlier. Two days left in the auction. It may just pass seven hundred bucks.

    1. dude, you were right on, it went for $710.00 plus shipping. 54 bids!

  3. That's pretty neat. Those were the days, when you got a good watch for 25 years. I just got a cheap pin for 25 years and the ruby has already fallen out of it.

    1. i like the idea of giving a watch on those service milestones. at least it is useful. a pin? crap. i got a pen once after 5 years.

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